Joakim Linde About
At the Edge

At the Edge is a body of work examining how to capture space and time on a flat surface. The series consists of six composite images, each consisting of a number photographs between eight and 29 layered on top of each other. The photographs are taken from different vantage points and at different points in time. Some photos have people in them. Sometimes the same person appears multiple times as they move through space. Sometimes the same person appears multiple times as they move through time while stationary in space but seen from a different vantage point. Five of the images are negatives and one positive, all are black and white images.

My interest in capturing space and time started when seeing the working of early 20th century painters, like photographer’s son Giacomo Balla. They drew inspiration from the chronophotography work of 19th century photographers, like Étienne-Jules Marey. In 2020, Frank Machalowski was the Juror’s Pick in LensCulture’s Exposure Award 2020 for his Stadtbaum. Machalowski multi-exposures on film of trees and building provides a similar effect as Balla’s work a century earlier.

Layering photographs is an interesting way of capturing multi-dimensions on a surface. The number of photographs used in the image impacts the look and feel of the image. As the number of photographs used increases, the more organic and abstract it becomes. It becomes harder to determine individual shapes. Instead, a composite image organically emerges — the image gets a life of its own.

Detail of Spinning zoomed in to 100%
At the Edge of Chaos
Detail of Graphite zoomed in to 100%
Foot Massage!
Enjoying The Gates of Hell
A day at the Art Museum